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Faerie Stardust


By smokepaint


~ OOAK Faerytale Terrarium Necklace ~ Small Brown Toadstool ~

now available in my shoppe!

Only 26 followers away from my first 1k! :)

Fairy ring


We Heart It.


Hello, fans, Professor Falconer here! It’s late at night where I am, I can’t say for sure that’s the case for you, but I wanted to pop on here and give you a special sneak preview of a set coming up soon! It promises to be one amazing set, but can you really expect anything less from Ayria Lovett? Ok, I’ve got to go, but I hope you enjoyed this special after-hours peek at what’s coming up.

Oh, and I can’t forget: “Berlin Faerie”, featuring Ayria Lovett, debuts September 6th on!


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